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NeuroMind technology
About NeuroLogics
NeuroLogics is a central element of NeuroMind technology. NeuroLogics provides a simulation suite for neural networks. It incorporates many novel concepts while maintaining a high level of performance and excellent scalability.

Among the highlights are:
- spatial three dimensional neural networks
- realtime simulation
- Hebbian like wiring mechanism (with different dynamics however)
- spatial chemistry simulation to influence neuron dynamics
- designed for later deployment of genetic/evolutionary mechanisms
- high performance, multi-threaded architecture

NeuroMind technology NeuroLogics provides the base for all further research. It consists of these parts:
- NeuroLogics Server, the "core" of NeuroLogics. It provides an advanced simulation engine for neural networks and allows clients to connect to it and to interact with the network.
- NeuroLogics Client provides a central interface for controlling a NeuroLogics server instance, loading and storing neural networks, monitoring neural activity and also provides control elements for simple interactions with the network.
- NeuroLogics Web Suite allows monitoring a simulated brain on any web enabled device (including mobile phones).
- NeuroLogics Designer is a graphical application that allows setting up all parameters which define a specific neural network.
- I/O clients attach to a neural network and either feed input data into it or read output data from the network. At the moment there is a webcam feeder, which feeds pixel data into neural networks that are aimed at image processing as well as lc2e and Bioloid / Dynamixel robotics connector clients.

High Performance
NeuroLogics raises the bar for artificial neural network complexity, by allowing real time simulation of hundreds of millions of artificial neural interconnections on commodity PC hardware.

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