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Aimee has learned a new trick
After some changes to the parameters of Aimee's brain and some playing around, I could observe Aimee developing a certain reaction that she had made up and which got stuck in her memory.

Aimee does not yet have a well regulated memory function on the neural level and she usually looses everything she has learned after some minutes of simulation. As far as I could observe so far, this is because more and more neural interconnections are grown and her brain suffers from kind of an "overload", with effects roughly comparable to an epileptic seizure in humans.

Her brain is still largely incomplete, maybe persisting of like 5-10% of what might be required for a well controlled behavior.

Please note: Aimee's motors are not driven by position priority (aka typical servo motor), but by load/torque priority. Her neural network gets feedback about the motors' current position however.

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